Create your own mini house!

Build, furnish, paint and decorate. Let your other toys move in – or demolish the house and build a new one!

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With Cribble, the crafting possibilities are pretty much infinite. Check out our Instagram, YouTube and TikTok for inspiration!

And if you post pictures of your own Cribble creation – please do tag us, we’d love to see!

Why Cribble?

cribble craft ekologiska träleksaker och eko hållbara produkter för barn


We strive to make our processes, materials and packaging have minimal negative impact on mama Earth. Our wood is FSC-certified birch plywood, water or laser cut for minimal waste and we only use non-toxic bioplastics. Cribble is meant to be used over and over again and you are never really ”done” cribbling – when you get tired of a house just rebuild and redecorate it!

cribble craft utvecklande och pedagogiska byggleksaker för barn


Play is vital to learning new things. Within the world of play we make sense of the world, and develop skills we have use throughout life! Playing with construction toys specifically boosts the spatial awareness, which you can read more on here. Enable your crafting spirit and construction skills!

cribble craft roliga leksaker för barn


What is a toy that isn’t fun?! Not really a toy! There are so many ways to play with Cribble. It just suits most kids, whether you like constructing, decorating or why not let your cars, dolls and other stuff move into your new house?

So how do you do it?

In the world of Cribble there are no instructions

All Cribble pieces go together in a gazillion different ways, and you can even use the free form pieces from your Cribble sheets to add more ingredients to the mix.

You decide what you want to do with your Cribble, but we do have some tips and tricks to get you started. On our YouTube there are step-by-step videos where you can see how we traditionally put the pieces together. If you order a furniture kit, instructions will be included as a poster.

But! Remember that YOU are the boss of your Cribble, and you are the ultimate dictator on which pieces are meant to go together and how. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Mum, this is something that could make me stop using my ipad.

Boy 9 years old

If it is this fun to be an engineer I also want to be one.

Girl 10 years old

So fantastic fun to construct. I totally forgot all boring things. True therapy!

Lady 85 years old

A product that was missing among my children’s toys.

Mother of three kids

A thoughtful product, all pieces fit with each other in unforeseen ways.

Father of two kids

Cribble - a Swedish start-up

More about Cribble
Amandah Andersson, Christine Montalvo och Josefin Palmgren

Creativity and construction in a box

Cribble provides kids with the opportunity to enhance their skills with fun and creative products.

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Cribble Together for hospitalized children

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