Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room
Cribble Living room

Cribble Living room

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Explore all the possibilities of a living room with this set of sofas, tables and shelves.

Cribble Living room is a set of DIY furniture in scale 1:12 that fits the mini house in Cribble Base kit but can also be used stand-alone.

Follow the instructions and build the furniture, or just construct according to your own master mind. All pieces fit with each other and the possibilities are endless. The material inspires to creativity and crafting, and you can use colours, papers, pearls et cetera to decorate your constructions.

All kits are delivered in flat packs and contains extra pieces to experiment with.

One kit includes:

  • 1 Sofa table x 3 pieces
  • 1 Coat hanger x 2 pieces
  • 1 Window box x 5 pieces
  • 1 Bench x 6 pieces
  • 1 Sofa x 4 pieces
  • 1 Arm chair x 4 pieces
  • 1 Newspaper rack x 4 pieces
  • 3 S-hooks x 1 pieces
  • 2 Bushes x 1 pieces
  • + free form pieces 

One kit includes two sheets à 19,5 cm x 21,5 cm.

Suitable for all 6 - 100 years old.

Swedish design.

Crafting material is not included, check out Cribble Craft bag here for this. 

Legal & safety

Cribble Crafts designs are patented, and the brand is trademarked. Cribble is CE-marked within the European Union. The wood is FSC-certified birch plywood, laser or water cut for minimal environmental impact. We only use non-toxic bio plastics. Do not use this product if you are 3 years or younger, it may cause choking hazards due to small parts!

More meticulous detail

Don’t forget you can always hit us up at if you’ve got any additional questions!