About us


Interesting, fun and important areas such as engineering and architecture are overrun with boys. There are many ways to interpret it, but we think an important reason lays in how girls are encouraged and enabled to develop some skills, but not others. Men and women differ on a statistical level in spatial cognition (basically the ability to rotate an object inside your head). A skill you grow by practicing doing this outside your head, for example by playing with Lego. Now some toys do target girls in this area,but girl versions tend to be simpler, and less spatially challenging than boy alternatives!

We want to create a playing environment that is equally welcoming for girls and boys. 

cribble bedroom kit

We're convinced that the brain is plastic (which basically mean, you can learn stuff). So we think that if we give girls more opportunities to delve into building and technology they won't only have a much more fun playtime, but also cultivate an interest in STEM fields. That way we can contribute to more women choosing careers where those skills are needed, and ultimately promote gender equality.

Cribble is dipping into the traditional girl play area and giving opportunities for all genders to play around with technology, room and space without overwhelming them with signals that this is meant for boys.



1. Create a platform where both girls and boys feel welcome to play their way into all those fun skills that often are unnecessarily confined to “boy games”.
2. Create a kick-ass fun toy that makes your fingers tickle with "pyssellust" (Swedish word describing the lust for fiddling, crafting and making stuff with your hands).  



The concept was created by entrepreneur Josefin Palmgren and silversmith Anna Wikberg, at the time studying psychology and pedagogics, meeting in the cellars of Stockholm Makerspace. They both built their own doll houses as kids and during their studies they both realized doll house making was filling a curiosity gap that girls’ toys both then and now are missing; spatial problem solving, building and free creativity. Cribble soon started working with STING, a Stockholm based incubator helping out with the strategy and admin of running an up and coming biggie.



Amandah Andersson, Christine Montalvo och Josefin Palmgren


After one year of weekend work and about one year of full time work the prototype set off at Kickstarter, selling 100 demo kits and getting picked as a Kickstarter favourite by Kickstarter themselves. At this time Anna picked up her studies, and in came Christine Montalvo, an experienced marketing manager and excellent sales woman, to take Cribble to the next level business wise, as our new CEO. A few weeks later Amandah Andersson of AMA AWE joined our team to give us that marvelous graphic touch we think is super important in order to take over the world!


Since 2019 we are located at Norrbackagatan 60 in Vasastan in Stockholm, where we have our store combined with office, showroom and warehouse. This is the perfect place for crafty activities and construction.

Our plan was to only sell online and through retailers, but we have a great display window that we always have filled with products and inspiration. Apparently the window inspired to visits so we decided to create a store part. Now we are so happy for this decision and it is always fun with inspiring and creative visits.

Are you curious about more details? Do you think you are the next important figure in this fairy tale? Hit us up at hello@cribble.se, we are always interested in meeting new inspiring people and dreaming up alternative future pathways.


We want to make Cribble accessible to children all over the world, expand and connect with lots of other projects and ideas. Amongst many things we want to make solar panel-driven fans, wool insulation, arduino integrations, home-grown-lawn-grass and custom cut windows. Most of all we want to explore all kinds of ideas together with you and inspiring brands we share values with. Get in touch with us if you have an idea to share!