Want to contact Cribble?

Please do! We are eager to solve your problems, answer your questions, hear your thoughts and ponder the mysteries of the world together with you.

Email us at hello@cribble.se, or christine@cribble.se to get in touch with us directly. If you wish to put pen to paper and write to us the oldschool way our adress is: Cribble Craft AB, Norrbackagatan 60, 113 34 Stockholm, Sweden.

We also have our crafty toy store and showroom at Norrbackagatan 60 in Stockholm. Our normal opening hours are 3 pm-6 pm on Mondays and Thursdays, except public holidays. Please come, check out our products and craft with us!

Sometimes our store is closed even during normal opening hours due to crafty or unforeseen circumstances. To be sure that the store is open or if you want to visit outside normal opening hours please call Christine at 0708141688. 

Do you want us to arrange a crafty birthday party or just a special crafty event for your kids, please contact us and we will send you a proposal.

Are you a journalist and want to write about us? Awesome! You can find our press kit here.

And anyone is welcome to contact us through this form: