”Playing is vital! Playing heals, playing cures and playing relieves pain!"

A play therapist told us the importance of playing and we want to make sure that playing is available for hospitalized children

Together with Swedish business we at Cribble Craft AB want to equip children's hospital and hospitalized children with creative and challenging toys. A lot of children with severe diseases have to be hospitalized during long time. Some of them can't leave their beds. Cribble's building kits are put together without glue or nails, and it is easy to build, tear down and rebuild in a new design. Material is clean neutral plywood and can easily be decorated and painted by the kids. 

Our products inspires to creativity and construction for both girls and boys. Gender neutral toys are important for us, and we want gender equal conditions, where each creates and decorates after own head.
cribble tillsammans för barn på sjukhus
Bygga med Cribble

Cribble has started cooperation with The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital and The foundation for Queen Silvia's Children Hospital.

Together with Swedish companies we contribute to children's healing, development and joy.

For each sponsored kit Cribble donates 5 % to the foundation of the children's hospital.

If you want to sponsor play for hospitalized children, please contact Christine at christine@cribble.se or 0708141688.